Monday, June 23, 2014

Christmas 2013

My family came out to Quincy for Christmas! It was awesome! We met Mike's girlfriend, Camille, for the first time. :) We went to Carthage and Nauvoo. We went ice skating down by the river (memories that will last a lifetime! And never again!) We introduced Camille to A Christmas Story (Christmas family tradition). We hung out, ate, played games and just had a great time.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Family vacation August 2013, part 2

After Aunt Kathy's we went to stay with Grandma. We went up to her cabin in Bear Lake. My mom surprised us and sneaked into the cabin with Aunt Kathy in the middle of the night. So fun! We all went out on Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Lynn's boat. My two cousins, Scott and Kurt and Kurt's girlfriend came by for a quick visit. So beautiful! Totally in our element!

Mom stayed one day after the cabin so we had a birthday party for Sophie and Mabel and the next day we went up to visit Grandpa in the nursing home. A lady who works there brings in her kangaroo to visit the residents. It was so cool to see and pet a baby kangaroo!

The next couple of days were spent visiting friends and family some more. It was a great trip!

Liam got "guck, mommy, guck" in the doggie door at Grandma's. It was too funny not to get a picture of before I helped him out.

We also had a picnic at the Bountiful Temple with Grandma Moore. It was a fantastic day and the kids loved the temple. 

Family vacation August 2013, part 1

Since TJ and I couldn't decide where to go on a couple's vacation we ended taking a family vacation to Idaho and Utah. We drove the grueling 21 hours, with minimal stops on the way. We did stop in Wyoming at the Turtle Rock National Park. We had to force Sophie to get out of the car but we all ended up really enjoying our little walk.

While in Idaho we floated down the Boise river (no pics cuz I didn't take my phone on a river!), took part in another Mooraculous Race by the master, Suzette, and participated in Shadrach's baptism. We had a great few days with TJ's family.

Before Idaho, we stayed two nights with TJ's cousin Casey, Becca and Sage. The first night we made a trip to Urgent Care with Sophie because she had a fever that wouldn't break. The next day we Casey and Becca took the day off work so we could all play. They got their horses ready and we all got to ride them. It was super fun.

TJ left after our Idaho trip and the kids and I got to stay in Utah for another week or so. We spent the first part at my Aunt Kathy's house. We ate popsicles, saw lots of friends, went to the splash pad, the Aquarium, and Wheeler Farm 

Salt Lake trip May 2013

Sophie was mad and Nana was trying to make her laugh

It worked :)

4 generations

What is that above your lip, Papa?

Merry-go-round at the zoo with Aunt Tif and Mabes

As tall as a female gorilla, I think. 

TJ with my grandpa

The kids and I with my grandpa

Grandma Moore with Sophie and Liam

Joseph Moore

We lost a great man at the end of April this year. Joe was a wonderful father and grandfather and he will be greatly missed. Here are just a few pics of the legacy he left...